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We believe making an informed decision about which martial art school, academy or training system to learn is the very first steps you should take before getting started.

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Here's What To Do

Just follow these easy steps below. It's as easy as this to get started and learn more about us and choosing the right class for you of your child.

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'We Offer Specific Classes For Your Child In 3 Different Age Groups'

'You'll see their confidence grow with our children's martial arts classes, here in Chorley...'

As a parent, choosing an after-school or weekend activity for your child can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. 

At The Black Belt Foundation, your child will not only learn fun and practical self defence and martial arts skills, they will learn essential life skills such as how to be a leader, how to manage stress and anxiety and how to stand up to peer pressure.

At The Black Belt Foundation, we focus on personal development, not just physical development. This means we consider the mental growth and development of your child just as important as the development of their physical skills and abilities. Discover more in our guide.
You'll love our lessons...
You'll see progress almost instantly...
We've made it affordable for you!

'Our Adult Martial Arts Classes Have Been Specially Created To Improve Self-Confidence.'

Fun and engaging martial arts classes for youths & adults from 13 years + up in Chorley...

In your busy day to day life, your physical fitness and mental wellbeing can easily be neglected as work and other commitments take priority in your life.

Our adult martial arts classes have been created to ensure adults have a safe and positive environment to learn martial arts and achieve their fitness goals. 

You will discover more in our FREE guide.

Grab Our FREE Downloadable Guide To Our Classes Below...

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